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Pipa & Vega Notice

Given the current health situation, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and for reasons of social responsibility, at Pipa & Vega we are going to adopt the exceptional measures necessary to protect the health of both the people who are part of Pipa & Vega , like that of all our clients, distributors, suppliers and collaborators.

For this reason we have already modified our work guidelines, in order to avoid / minimize the possibilities of contagion; so that, immediately and indefinitely until further notice (and on the advice of public bodies and the World Health Organization) all those measures that prioritize safety for our clients and for us have been and will be adopted.

We already set our minds on the future, when we will be a little stronger and the projects that have been slowed down these days will resurface with more energy.

Meanwhile, we will continue working, as every day to bring you more new products in the very near future.


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